Books for a better world are one of the key contributions that New Paradigm Education really wants to share with the community at large. Aligned with our philosophy of affecting positive change, we seek to inspire people with engaging reads and useful tools with which people can come together.

Stories have always had… and will always hold the power to affect change at the deepest level. As Terrence McKenna and others have rightly asserted, “The world is made of stories.”

Books for a Better World

Book for a better world. Front Cover... Oh Yeah: An Initiation into Adulthood - A Tool for Discussion

In 2018, we first published a book by our Founder, Mr Power. Oh Yeah: An Initiation into Adulthood – A Tool for Discussion. In 2020, we published the 3rd edition which we are hoping will reach teenagers and families who are seeking to make the transition to adulthood. This personal book, designed to encourage discussion, condenses life-affirming wisdom into digestible chunks, perfect for contemporary attention spans.

Originally written for the author’s adolescent daughter, this book is ideal for families who want help with teenagers. In a world absent of adulthood rites, communicating with your teenager and communication between parents and teenagers generally can be tricky. The book was originally intended to help with early adulthood social development and can be used effectively for parent teenager relationship building activities.

It is not a guide for how to deal with teenagers but provides great ideas for how to approach our growing children in a heartfelt and authentic way. Many parents get lost in teenage behaviour management strategies and forget to just deal with their offspring as an equal in this mysterious adventure called life.

If you want to know how to get your teenager to talk to you, it could be worth investigating this book to get a keener vision of a teenagers life and how they might view the world. This book will undoubtedly challenge many adults who have not yet mastered their own issues in a world where we have all been deprived the initiations which traditionally accompanied the transition to adulthood.

Further imprints are due out in the coming years including titles such as The Little Red Zebra, The Bus-Stop at the Edge of the Universe and The Book of Noises.

Language is the Key

Extremely passionate about languages, we are also working on tri-lingual editions (English, French and Spanish) of these books as well as animations. We’re also developing materials to help promote the works of other authors and publishers which we believe to be essential reading… like El Libro Rojo de las Niñas, an incredible, beautiful work which we wish could be read by every young girl and indeed, every woman.