The Red Book for Girls

Cover/Title of El Libro Rojo de las Niñas

The Red Book for Girls or Livre Rouge des Filles is a magical book that we have translated into English and French from the original Spanish version, El Libro Rojo de las Niñas.

The Red Book for Girls conveys an important message to women everywhere… a message of global significance which we hope will be shared far and wide so that it can positively affect the millions of women who can benefit from it.

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Toby Segar Interview…

Toby Segar Interview

This Toby Segar interview was a long-awaited pleasure. After years of watching this man and the rest of the Storror crew jumping off buildings and making our hands sweat from behind the comfort of our computer screens, we finally had the opportunity to talk to this courageous young man and find out more about what makes him tick and how he came to be known internationally for doing what he loves to do.

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Heroes and Genius

Heroes and Genius... children silhouetted against a colourful sunset

More than once I’ve had people ask me if it’s wise to use the words heroes and genius in association with children. What is the justification for using such powerful language in the context of some snotty, undeveloped youngsters?

A recent quote verbatim: “Is it a good idea to be calling kids geniuses?”

Having been the second time in a couple of days that I had been asked such a question, it has driven me to write this reply in order to dignify such an inquiry.

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The Prodigy by Hermann Hesse

Front cover of The Prodigy by Hermann Hesse

This short pre-amble is really just to contextualise some quotes from The Prodigy by Hermann Hesse, a writer whose poetry is more than able to convey what he wished to say. This book was also released under the name “Beneath the Wheel” which gives a more immediate clue as to his opinion of the schooling process.

The back cover of this edition reads:

This novel is Hermann Hesse’s indictment of conventional education. It is the story of a brilliant young boy whose spirit is systematically broken by his parents and teachers; over-anxious about his success, they forget to consider his health and happiness. Out of his attitude to such treatment, Hesse developed his views on the value of Eastern education in developing the self.

This incredible writer has kept me spellbound for hours on end and I’ve re-read his classics many times, including this smaller work where he attacks education for its sins against youth and our inner intelligence.

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One-Straw Education

Masanobu Fukuoka was the godfather of modern permaculture… he developed the idea of natural farming and demonstrated that it was possible to live an abundant, satisfying life with a minimum of effort.  His ideas can easily be transposed into education.


In his deeply inspiring “The One-Straw Revolution”, we find a One-Straw Revolution which is not so much about food or farming but the attitude by which he came to his realisations… Fukuoka manages to show the full potential of agriculture when we allow nature to do what it does best.  Continue reading “One-Straw Education”