Communication 2020

The expression “20/20 vision” is used to describe someone with perfect eyesight. Communication 2020 has been formulated to help people say what they want so clearly so that they have the best chance of getting what they need.

As practitioners of Non Violent Communication for over a decade, we have often struggled to know how best to share this transformative and enlightening practice with others. Learning how to communicate compassionately is a lifelong pursuit which requires attention, effort and dedication. The suggested introduction to Non Violent Communication is a 21-week process where people study together and meet up for around three hours every week.

Searching for a way to compress as much helpful information into the most condensed form possible, New Paradigm Education have designed Communication 2020, a transferable unit of strategies that can make huge changes in the effectiveness of our communication.

Over the years, New Paradigm Education have initiated a number of Non Violent Communication groups but after a lengthy hiatus, we’re also delighted to announce that 2019 saw the formation of another NVC group supporting individuals and couples to find more effective ways to say what they want.