Education Unmasked

For those who wish to see their youngsters enjoying life, the education system is the worst place to be right now. The Genius Tree is committed to ensuring that young people do not end up alone in the bedrooms with only their gadgets for company.

Dereliction of Duty

Schools are now the most significant perpetrators of child abuse in the country, they are enforcing draconian measures of isolation on young people and facilitating dangerous medical interventions. The love for learning has never been more muted.

Huge numbers of “Immunisation Specialists” are currently being recruited in preparation for rolling out the experimental technologies on the youngest members of our society. How can we keep our children in school?

Another Brick in the Wall

Neil Oliver puts this succinctly in 4 minutes of heartfelt reasoning:

This systemic abuse of children is absolutely appalling and must be stopped.

Children are Suffering

My work with young people has shown me the degree to which young people are feeling the strain. I have personally encountered youth who are terrified of a ghost which is apparently rampant across the land while posing zero threat to them. There are children who have endured months of solitary confinement and who are now incapable of normal social interactions. The playgrounds are full of twitchy children displaying a variety of neuroses.

Don’t let this happen to your children. Take steps now to build a community of lockdown resistant learners.

What Freedom?

The current ‘security measures’ are inhumane and are anything but a form of child protection. What we are witnessing is the inversion of every value that freedom was based upon.

Again, Neil Oliver expresses the issues of the day beautifully: