We’re very proud to announce the publication of the first edition of Genius magazine. As New Paradigm Education prepares to launch The Genius Tree, an exciting alternative to mainstream education, we have created a substantial document so that parents who want to know more about our philosophy and our motives can dive deep.

Beautifully illustrated, Genius also includes a lot of dynamic content, many of the pictures and headings are clickable and display videos related to the written content. There’s lot to explore here… we hope you enjoy and come away feeling inspired, motivated to take steps towards ensuring the best possible future for your children.

To enjoy a full screen version of the magazine: CLICK HERE

logo for the genius tree
The Genius Tree

For those that now want to learn more and know how to engage with our new venture, a learning collaboration called The Genius Tree we plan to launch in the coming months, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We intend to slowly expand our provision over the coming years and we’re looking for parents who are really aligned with our outlook and our overall philosophy. Please make sure you’ve taken the time to explore this first edition of Genius! which was written in the hope that it would answer many of the queries you are likely to have. We hope this will allay any of the common fears held by parents before entrusting their children to a new educational service.

Some of the videos embedded into Genius! magazine can be found on our inspiration page and the links for all the videos related to the magazine’s contents can be found here on two separate playlists… the first one features videos from all the leading lights we mentioned: John Taylor Gatto, Sugata Mitra, Salman Khan as well as Elon Musk and Ricardo Semler, two entrepreneurs who knew that things had to be done differently.

The second playlist includes pieces relating to the subject matter covered in the Genius magazine.

Genius! magazine video content