Our intention is to establish research and educational centres that can serve as catalysts for widespread social change.  The developments include:

A Learning Centre – a school for excellence… drawing out the gifts and recognising the genius in people of all ages.

A Doula Centre – enabling guests to make healthy transitions around birth and death.

A search is currently underway to find the ideal location for our project and the visionary people necessary for bringing this into existence.  We need people with outstanding personal qualities including the following attributes:

  • A commitment to The Four Agreements.
  • Dedication to continual self-improvement.
  • Ongoing practice of Compassionate Communication.
  • Genuine willingness to re-examine every aspect of human life.
  • A sincere desire to transform oneself for the good of all beings (including ourselves).

This page outlines the evolving vision for the educational centres to be established by New Paradigm Education.

Our environments take inspiration from the technological approach of Buckminster Fuller, the humour and philosophy of Alan Watts, the insight of Aldous Huxley, the passion and determination of Patch Adams, the rigorous inquiry of J Krishnamurti, the powerful narratives of Michael Meade, the practical experience and global vision of Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfelz.

HOME – New Paradigm Education

A hive of creativity, HOME creates a loving atmosphere imbued with a relentless celebration of life.


Personal Growth.

Truth, Trust, Transparency.


Everything that occurs in the course of running these facilities constitutes research, forming part of a wider investigation into the following question: Is it possible to find a peaceful means for humans to live in harmony with each other and the biosphere, and if so, how can that be improved?


A campus with up to 150 permanent residents.  This picture below is of a thriving research centre in Portugal called Tamera with thousands of visitors every year.


A water retention landscape with mixed woodland and tree houses.


A multi-purpose communal space with a dancefloor, a stage and a grand piano, large enough for 100-250 people hosting workshops and events.

A communal kitchen capable of serving meals for 50-250 people.


Learning centre with computers, study rooms and lecture theatre.


Residential block for visitors.


Live/work spaces for artists and residents.


Video production suite.


Music recording studio.


Rehearsal rooms.


Painting studio.


Wood, metal and textiles workshops.

Extensive permaculture gardens.



Everyone participating in the project is asked to honour the four agreements.

  1. Be impeccable with your word.
  2. Don’t take things personally.
  3. Don’t make assumptions.
  4. Always do your best.


HOME is concerned with providing, as far as possible, a self-sufficient food supply. Employing the principles of permaculture and the most up to date techniques including aquaponics. ‘Design to recline’ enables all inhabitants to benefit from a home-grown, 100% organic diet. Until an ethical means of working in partnership with the animal kingdom is discovered, HOME is dedicated to provided a torture-free food supply devoid of GMO’s, steroids, hormones and pesticides.


When larger community buildings are available for creative work and socialising, a modest home for sleeping, eating and retreat from community life can suffice.  All construction is done to the highest standards of ecologically friendly and sustainable techniques employing renewable, recycled or reclaimed materials where possible. Individual homes are built as small as possible with larger structures reserved for group activities and communal resources. Kudos is earned by creating the most compact, inventive, beautiful and resourceful buildings.  Nearly all of the buildings included in this slideshow were built for less than £50,000 and most less than £20,000.

For more info about buildings and the investment required… this is a handy link.


Employing sustainable harvesting methods, all electricity requirements are easily met.


Humour is the lubricant to a culture of harmony, tolerance on behalf of the listener is encouraged.  People can say what they like, it’s our reactions that we are responsible for. Asking questions is the first step to understanding, always try to ask a question before losing oneself to judgement.  The project’s community will be underpinned by an appreciation of Compassionate Communication which is employed as a means of conflict resolution, every participant must have completed some training in Non Violent or Compassionate Communication.


Aiming to reduce all refuse to zero, a culture of re-using, recycling, upcycling and composting is engendered.


These fall into the following categories:

Personal Investments

Those individuals who are offered positions to work with the project have the option to build homes to their own design.  (We seek to create a thriving community, an environment of vitality, a place where all fundamental human needs can be met in an exciting atmosphere of deep meaning, exploration and service.)

Business Investments

The venture supports creative projects with serious marketing potential like the Pleebles.  An aspect of the enterprise as a whole is to distribute inspiring ideas via all forms of media, emanating from a buzzing hive of activity in our own studios.


A limited number of placements are available to those who wish to benefit from the Doula Centre and other therapeutic aspects of the community.  Some of these placements are specifically for those wish wish to give birth or live out the rest of their days in an inspiring environment where the issues of life are compassionately faced head-on.

Visitor fees

Thousands of people from around the world seek to learn from those who are invested in alternative ways of approaching contemporary issues.


Revenue generated by the creative projects emanating from the studios.  There are a number of people who we’d like to include in the project and their associated talents all have the capacity to attract significant revenue.


Many people wish to support New Paradigm Education, some of whom wish to live and participate wholly with the venture and others who wish to do what they can to support our work from afar.


The over-riding principle is one of autonomous learning where people are supported in their own learning journey. There are seminars, private tuition, workshops and courses but always geared towards providing a resource as opposed to creating a dependency.   The pursuit of truth is the highest human endeavour, it is the quest for reality.

“…truth is reality”

M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values, and Spiritual Growth

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

Philip K. Dick, I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon