One of the key objectives for New Paradigm Education is the creation of innovative learning environments.  The organisation helps to establish learning environments where everyone is engaged with personal and collective research.  By creating educational ‘temples’ where the pursuit of truth is seen as the highest possible endeavour, New Paradigm Education serves as an innovative model and positive force for both personal and social transformation.

Although being in the same room with inspiring teachers and other students remains the most exciting, infectious way of transmitting a passion for learning, the internet has enabled the possibility of connecting with other people at a distance.  Some would argue that the real-world connection between student and teacher is simply irreplaceable, however our experience has shown that some of our favourite teachers have inspired us from beyond the grave, such is the power of audio/video content when one is really engaged.

Previously, we ran an online educational service called The Genius Project which offered a number of online classes to people around the UK but we didn’t have sufficient funds to continue the service long term, we hope to re-initiate another programme of this kind in the future.  Currently the bulk of our online efforts are concentrated on Globalised English where we’re supporting students around the world in regular classes.

Our first physical location was in the heart of Brighton, a place called HOME where free or low-cost education was provided to hundreds of users, New Paradigm Education is currently looking at alternative sites for the next centre for learning, a real world ‘Genius Faculty’ that can support a greater number of people in the adventure of making the transition to a new, healthier paradigm for humanity.

The first centre was HOME, opened in Brighton, UK in 2010 and a search is already underway for the next location.

New Paradigm Education intends to initiate a pioneering network of educational facilities and research centres called HOME, designed to address the challenges faced by humanity from a holistic perspective.