The video playlist below includes talks from leading lights from around the world who are bringing fresh practices to modern education. The majority of talks last between 10 and 20 minutes, it takes just two hours to watch the first twelve films which will be enough to shift anyone’s perspective on what is possible in education.

Please do take the time to peruse and feel inspired anew.

Resulting from the Industrial Revolution, the Prussian system of schooling standardised educational practices into a production line converting Human Resources into employable commodities.  This approach systematically moulded children into workers suitable for the purposes of mass production.

The technological developments of the last hundred years demand a completely different set of skills in order for the future to be one of abundance.  The need for learner autonomy means that the old models of reward and punishment have become outdated.

Project-based, student centred learning is the way forward.

Change is coming… be part of it.

A New Breed of Teacher

The true meaning of the word education comes from the Latin “educe” which means “to lead out” or “to draw out” and an accomplished teacher is one who is able to spot the genius at the heart of a person and help bring it out into the world.  Unfortunately, most current schooling practices have been designed from the premise that knowledge must be forced into a student’s head rather than evoked, which can inhibit the ability of a teacher to genuinely inspire, calling upon the individual’s qualities that seek to be drawn out.

It is time for teachers and parents to assert their roles if they wish to see an evolution in our current education system. Many of the video presentations above highlight how we can equip our children with the skills necessary to thrive in the world they are inheriting.