New Paradigm Education is continually nurturing projects to help broaden the delivery of inspiration to the largest number of people possible. We consider hopelessness and nihilism to be two of the greatest threats to humanity. The following projects give some indication of where we’re going:


HOME logo

HOME – A truly holistic approach to education embodying a whole new paradigm in sustainable lifestyles.


The following projects highlight our efforts so far…

The Genius Tree - flash of inspiration

The Genius Tree – An alternative to mainstream education.

Original logo for HOME

HOME – A community centre we established in the heart of Brighton supporting hundreds of users during its time.

Globalised English – Providing weekly online conversation practice for students in over 25 countries.


Publishing – Our first book “Oh Yeah – An Initiation into Adulthood”, written especially for parents and teenagers went on sale in 2018. Our blog and our first magazine “Genius!” have also been available since the start of 2020.

Communication 2020 – A technique for improving communication skills.

Union Hack

The Union Hack – an evolution of the British flag designed to represent the full diversity of people living together in the UK.

Natural Yoga logo

Natural Yoga for Women – In association with Macmillan, we provided free classes for women suffering from cancer.

Home School logo

Homeschool – online tuition provided to homeschooling families, collaborative writing projects were the focus of these online sessions.

Salut Les Petits logo

Salut Les Petits – French baby groups for parents and pre-school children.

Little England logo

Little England Petite France – A French/English nursery in Brighton, UK.