The Genius Tree

The Genius Are animated gif... a family forms the branches of a tree whose leaves say "Yes!"

Aimed specifically at self-employed families, The Genius Tree is here to support young people identify and nurture their latent talents.

Students are sheltered from external pressures so that their natural inclinations can sprout forth and take root under the protective branches of the Genius Tree.

In our Genius! magazine we lay out a powerful case against the out-of-date educational practices like a standardised curriculum so we’re not going to labour the point here. We provide the inspiration and the support for young people to develop their entrepreneurial capacities in order to thrive in this rapidly changing environment.

The Genius Tree provides an outstanding alternative to the conventional education, both private and public. Only a handful of schools in the UK are dedicated to self-directed learning and employing the democratic and socratic methods.

It is a miracle that modern schooling manages to facilitate any learning at all given the unbelievable pressures exerted by our society on schools and students alike. Parents, teachers and families often struggle to provide a rounded upbringing that can prepare young people for modern life and an uncertain future.

What is for certain is that we can only experience the best that life can afford us when we connect fully to the latent genius waiting to be awakened.

The Genius Tree provides a comprehensive alternative to mainstream education for those families who are willing to breakaway from conformist attitudes and cultural trends to re-establish a grounded approach to youth development.

By placing students firmly in the context of a Hero’s Journey, as postulated by Joseph Campbell, every living moment becomes an opportunity to pursue our never-ending quest for self-improvement and adventure. This creates an environment in which we can assess our behaviour and decide whether or not our actions are taking us towards meaningful goals.

Moving away from the paradigm where students are coerced to practise ‘real-life’ before they’re allowed to do anything ‘for real’, the Genius Tree provides an educational environment where young people can play for long enough to find, identify and nurture their inner calling so that their gifts can be brought fully into this world.

The Genius Tree has been launched, currently operating just two days per week: Wednesdays and Thursdays. As demand increases, more capacity will be added up to a maximum of 30 hours per week.

If you want to find out if we’re truly aligned in terms of our educational philosophy, please take a little more time to explore our inspiration section and the Genius! magazine.

The Genius Tree is where heroes grow.

The Genius Tree animated gif