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This Toby Segar interview was a long-awaited pleasure. After years of watching this man and the rest of the Storror crew jumping off buildings and making our hands sweat from behind the comfort of our computer screens, we finally had the opportunity to talk to this courageous young man and find out more about what makes him tick and how he came to be known internationally for doing what he loves to do.

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For those who are new to parkour, it’s a philosophy for life based in seeing our whole existence and our environment as an extended opportunity to play, not far from the Alan Watts philosophy of which we’re great fans. This translates into seeing the commonly urban setting of our immediate surroundings as an obstacle and assault course to navigate with as much style as possible.

To the vast majority of people under the age of 30, this all goes without saying: “What do you mean you don’t know what parkour is?”

We undertook this Toby Segar interview so we could take a good look at his experience of education and ask questions about his time at school and college. Not surprisingly, it didn’t seem to factor a great deal in his development as an athlete but what was more surprising was to discover how much it hindered his progress, even in his chosen fields. Studying Sport and Media at college, you might have thought he would have loved his time of being able to further his love of his two favourite pursuits, making videos and getting physical. As it happened, the subjects so close to his heart simply obscured his ability to get on with what he wanted to do.

As a young man with a following of millions on Instagram and Youtube, it’s no surprise that he has become a role model of sorts and it’s great to see such a well-balanced young man inspiring so many young people to live healthier, more active lives. Furthermore, his group have an amazing attitude where they whole-heartedly encourage each other without ever descending into bullying if someone reaches the limit of their courage.

If you want a great introduction into the mind of a young parkour fanatic, check out this Toby Segar interview:

Toby Segar Interview

We are likely to feature this Toby Segar interview in the forthcoming issue of Genius!