“Why question life, when life itself is a question?”

Dylan (10 year old philosopher)

Mission Statement

New Paradigm Education is a charitable trust which is dedicated to inspiring a passion for lifelong learning, establishing creative environments to support individuals in their quest to thrive.


New Paradigm Education seeks to inspire people with a passion for learning and present a positive and empowering attitude to life. We seek to help as many people as possible, reaching them both online and in person.

One of the principle objectives of New Paradigm Education is the creation of innovative learning environments.  Whether it’s through interactive online classes or real world points of contact, the organisation helps to establish learning environments where everyone is engaged with personal and collective research.

By creating educational ‘temples’ where the pursuit of truth is seen as the highest possible endeavour, New Paradigm Education serves as an innovative model and positive force for both personal and social transformation.

Having created an initial project in the heart of Brighton called HOME where free or low-cost education was provided to hundreds of users, New Paradigm Education is looking at alternative sites for the next centre for learning, a real world location for learning which can support an even greater number of people in the adventure of making the transition to a new, healthier paradigm for humanity.

Here we share some of the ideas underlying our organisation and the sources of inspiration that drive our work:

We aspire to:

  • Do no harm
  • Be the change we wish to see in the world
  • Live in accordance with The Four Agreements: be impeccable with our word; not take anything personally, not make assumptions, always do our best.

This organisation is dedicated to the upliftment and emancipation of all, operating in service of the Earth and the good of all beings.

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