The Genius Tree

After operating in Brighton for the last two years, we have closed The Genius Tree temporarily whilst we secure a stable location from which to operate. We are currently seeking to secure a permanent site somewhere in close proximity to Brighton.

The Genius Tree

We are here to support young people identify and nurture their talents.

The Genius Tree is growing into a small community of New Paradigm thinkers who believe in natural immunity and a better world for all.

“Thank you for today! My daughter came back elated, full of stories… She can’t wait for the next session.”

Michael Meade quote about Genius

“After so many years of conflict with the school system, I’m so happy to see the children love learning again and to have found you to help them on their journey. I knew intuitively you were the right person to work with them and immediately fell in love with the genius tree project. Thank you for all you have done so far.”

We create an atmosphere of exploration and experimentation. Students are sheltered from external pressures so that their natural inclinations can sprout forth and take root under the protective branches of the Genius Tree.

Here’s a video explaining more about what we’re up to at the moment.


We provide services to key workers and other special cases so that a consistency of care is provided to families regardless of restrictions.

The work we do is of a sensitive nature and we like to keep things personal so we always prefer to work face-to-face.

To find out whether we can help your family contact Ian on 07476 179330 to find out more. We’ll make an appointment to come and meet with you.


We tend to be popular with self-employed families who can receive large discounts on our activities due to the tax-free childcare scheme.

Example: A £50 day can cost parents as little as £10.


The Genius Tree provides an outstanding alternative to conventional education, both private and public. Only a handful of schools in the UK are actually dedicated to self-directed learning.

In our Genius! magazine we lay out a powerful case against the out-of-date educational practices in schools so we’re not going to labour the point here. We provide the inspiration and the support for young people to develop their capacities in order to thrive in this rapidly changing environment.


The Genius Tree provides an alternative to mainstream education for those families who are wishing to breakaway from conformist attitudes and cultural trends to re-establish a grounded approach to youth development.

It can be a struggle to provide a rounded upbringing which can prepare young people for modern life and an uncertain future. What is for certain is that we can only experience the best that life can afford us when we connect fully to the latent genius waiting to be awakened.


By placing ourselves firmly in the context of a Hero’s Journey, as postulated by Joseph Campbell, every living moment becomes an opportunity to pursue our never-ending quest for self-improvement and adventure. This creates an environment in which we can assess our behaviour and decide whether or not our actions are taking us towards meaningful goals.

Moving away from the paradigm where students are coerced to practise ‘real-life’ before they’re allowed to do anything ‘for real’, the Genius Tree provides an encouraging environment where young people can play for long enough to find, identify and nurture their inner calling so that their gifts can be brought fully into this world.


As we work increasingly with young teenagers, we’re beginning to see the need for places (and ideally a location) where a shared spirit of exploration can be generated. Many of the young people leaving the school system are tired of working on a screen in the silence of their own bedroom. They yearn the company of others to share the journey of self-directed learning.


Starting Tuesday 26th April, 2022. (for young adults 13-18)

Tuesdays 18:00-20:00
Landport Community Room, Horsfield Rd, Lewes, BN7 2TA.

This is a social event so join us from 5pm if you want to hang out before we get into activities, the room has a kitchen and we plan to make and share food each week.

These events are for curious minds who want to explore the world. Join us to discuss ideas which are actively suppressed at school and which are vital to a fulfilling life.   

Over the coming months we intend to cover subjects like:

  • Psychology and Philosophy – reading and discussing significant works.
  • Critical Thinking and Logical Fallacies – how to tell when people are lying.
  • Social Media – its effects on the brain and society.
  • Money – learn about interest, the Goldsmith’s trick, banks and the significance of Bitcoin.
  • Law – learn to identify inalienable rights and how to navigate the legal world.
  • Communication Skills – crucial tricks if you want to avoid problems in your relationships.
  • Quadrivium – a practical exploration of numbers, geometry based with production of artworks.
  • Trivium – a practical exploration of language using poetry, short essays and linguistic tricks.
  • Ancient Mysteries – discuss the seemingly invisible presence of our ancestors.

The most valuable learning experience you will ever have…or your money back.

To get started, we are inviting teenagers to join us for a four-week trial… for just £25.

Call Ian on 07476 179330 or Hannah on 07546 582899 to reserve a place.

The events are hosted by The Genius Tree, The Wellbeing Tree and New Paradigm Education.

Parents: go shopping or organise car shares… use this opportunity to go to the pub and socialise for a couple of hours?

Although I can envisage hosting further study clubs, I won’t be able to provide the 5 days per week that might be yearned for by young people in this area. Fellow organisations like Acton Academy and local initiatives like Myhelm and Hope Sussex are great inspirations. Once a culture has been initiated on one or two days, this could be grown to cover more days with the support of other teachers and adult supervisors.

It is hoped that the philosophy outlined by The Genius Tree can provide the impetus to start a similes project in East Sussex for a number of families who share similar values.

Contact Ian on 07476 179330 if you’d like to find out more.

If you want to find out if we’re truly aligned in terms of our educational philosophy, please take a little more time to explore our Genius! magazine.

The Genius Tree is where heroes grow.

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